We are an innovative digital startup aiming to help people find their lost objects.

We took the challenge of connecting labels to the digital word in order to allow the object finder to go further and bring a smile to the owner.

Our promise is to offer a device label with an innovative digital system to people who want to prevent their objects from loss.

The connected label nolostt enables the finder to reach the owner directely.Thanks to nolostt,a new relationship between the owner and the founder is born.

Steadily,the lost object is given to a security guard,to the receptionist of a store,to the security employee in the airport,a neighbor or simply to nobody.In these cases ,processes are often long, costly and unsuccessful

That's why the co-founders, Mimoun El Hejraoui and Walid MANSIA launched Nolostt.Our labels will give a second life to your objects thus contributing to sustainable develpment.

You can find the owner magically,in one clic,using nolostt solution.