We are able to offer you to integrate our nolostt solutions at the heart of your products to give the possibility to your final customers to find their objects in case of loss.

They will benefit as well as your marketing department from a direct link 2.0. In these conditions, you give more value to your products in the eyes of your customers so you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors and develop your market share in a highly competitive environment.


Nolostt accompanies you throughout the pre-project phase, the feasibility study and the implementation of the integration of our solution in your manufacturing processes.


A QR Code and a unique number nolostt can be communicated to your production in order to print it in different media: textile, composition label, brand label ..., products and consumer goods.


We have a strong ability to adapt to your production or organization processes through mutual consultation in project mode to obtain an optimal go to market.


You have the advantage of being able to integrate our "private-label" white label solutions with all of our outsourced services in order to control your costs and your resource needs on digital functions.

Your benefits in integrating the nolostt solution into your products:

Digital TransformationContribute to the digital transformation of your brand with cost control and our outsourced solution

To distinguish oneselfDevelop the differentiating aspects of your brand from the competition

Valuable creation Increase the creation of added value on your products to satisfy your customers in a connected world

Digital marketingStay connected with your customers and enrich your customer database for your digital marketing campaigns in the context of: event, promotional offer, after-sales service, newsletter, launch of a new product

Sustainable developmentContribute in some way to sustainable development by giving a long life of use to your products to your end customers

Be nolostt with your clients for a win-win approach.

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