The Work Object by nolostt, what is it?

   In case you have a business team who have some valuable objects such as smartphones,laptops,data disc,car key,business trip suitcases,passeports ,etc..  

   These objects might be lost throughout their journey  

   Obviously these objects could be valuable in your companie's physical or intellectual capital.

The loss of one of these items can have a negative impact on your operations

You have the advantage of being able to integrate our "private-label" white label solutions with all of our outsourced services in order to control your costs and your resource needs on digital functions.


"What are your" Risk Management "because of the loss of the work objects of your
collaborators? »:

"So what is to be done as part of a preventive approach? "

Be relieved we have the solution at will help you reduce these risks.

If you want to prevent your business from these risks,you can use nolostt solutions:We have created several solutions adapted to your team's objects using the QR Code technology:


smartphone label


Suitcase label


Computer label

Sac ordinateur

Computer bag label

Porte clès

Label Keychains


Passport label


Portfolio label

Each connected label is unique and is assigned to each employee.Data is saved on your dedicated nolostt platform in Saas mode with a dashboard to help them manage their labels.In case of loss,the finder may contact the owner or his colleagues. The labels may take different forms and colours and be adapted to the size of your objects. Your benefits when offereing nolostt Business solutions to your team:

Your benefits to equip your teams with the Nolostt Business solution:

Serenity Let your teams travel peacefully with high-value perennial labeling

Anonymity A nolostt label is anonymous, which offers total discretion to your employees on their business trips

Time saving In case of loss of an object, you find your object more quickly, which avoids any risk of loss of exploitation

security Secure your intellectual capital in this way by avoiding the loss of a definitive object

Economic Reduces additional costs and operational loss in the event of permanent loss of valuable items such as smartphones, laptops, avoid repeating a complete set of keys.

Contact us to offer you the appropriate solutions and to best meet your expectations. You can also request a non-binding demo of the nolostt Business Travel solution.